Experience Bellydance!

Experience bellydance !

What is bellydance?

The term bellydance as it is  commonly known, involves the use of the body as a  way to describe the music in a visual way. Poetry history and culture in motion.

Old forms of bellydance are often attributed to fertility and birth rituals . In America it became popular in the early 1900's when  it was showcased at fairs and circus acts, people named it bellydance because of the ondulating moves of the  abdomen. Ironically, in those days  women did not show their bodies! The  real name for this dance is Raks Sharqi.

During the  Golden Era of bellydance(1930-1950)  in Egypt the famous dancers : Samia Gamal Tahia Karioka and many others popularized the dance and the 2 piece outfit. Television was invented and  egyptian films were made with egyptian dancers.  

Today Raks Sharqi continues to evolve into many forms  such as ATS(California Tribal), Neo -tribal,  Funky tribal, Gothic, American style bellydance , Cabaret, Oriental, gypsy fusion all this dance forms come from the  same root, the mother dance that celebrates  the femenine body.

This is a dance that  is  beneficial for all women , no matter your age, body type or skill level.

Among the benefits of  bellydance are:

  • Improved posture
  • Increased endurance
  • Tones arms and leg
  • Defines torso  and waistline
  • Improves body image and self confidence
  • Improves balance
  • Improves coordination
  • Increased respiratory  capacity
  • Sense of well being and inner peace

Experience Bellydance! take a chance and BELLYDANCE!

Check my class  information page on how to learn this  magical dance!

yours in dance,


Experience bellydance!



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